Dual Flush Mechanisms
The 2V Compact double flush system optimizes water consumption by allowing both the small and full flush to be regulated.
This system provides savings of up to 35 m3 of water per year for a family. The mechanism is used to ensure water savings and can be fitted in most cisterns on the market and to replace the old mechanism.

  • 2 times more economical
  • 2 times more pleasant

Floor Traps

  • 105 x 105 mm floor trap with vertical outlet
  • 105 x 105 mm floor trap with horizontal outlet

Pipe Clamps

  • Used for mounting of pipes to the walls ( vertical/ horizontal ), ceilings and floors
  • Hanging type is M8 / M10 combi nut
  • Easy and safe assembly through Philips combi side screws
  • Side screws are protected against loss during assemble with the help of plastic washers
  • Electro galvanized for corrosion resistance (Plating thickness 8-10 micron)


  • An economical steel anchor that fastens safely and quickly, and requires short hole in the concrete substrate
  • Conical plug provides uniform expansion and safe holding
  • Non corrosive
  • Electro galvanized for corrosion protection (Plating thickness 8-10 micron)

Stainless Steel Braided Connectors

  • This has been designed to cope with faucet manufacturers' special requirements
  • Suitable for faucet connections
  • Specially designed for sanitary & plumbing applications
  • Recommended for sanitary & plumbing applications

Pressure Reducing Valves
The pressure reducing valve series EUROBRASS 146 are suitable for reduction and control of pressure in plants. Brass pressure reducing valve with brass diaphragm functioning, stainless steel seat, stainless steel bar (sizes higher than 1"), pressure gauge connections on both sides, pressure compensation system, F.F. threaded unions.

Water Hammer Arrestors
Stainless Steel Hammer Arrestors are available for all types of fluid systems - water, deionized and triple distilled water, chemicals and petroleum products
Application: Chemicals, Corrosive fluids or environment, distilled and triple distilled water, or fluids under high pressure.

Certified Double lock Shower Hoses

  • We provide certified double-lock shower hoses in stainless steel
  • Suitable for the connection of every kind of shower heads

Floor Gullies

  • Removable trap, easier and simple way to clean
  • No rubber ring seal, no leakage
  • Save cost, can receive up to 3 waste pipe connection without additional fittings
  • Prevent insects, cockroaches and gases entering the building

Flat Roof Drainage Outlets

  • Compatible with most flat roofing materials, including hot asphalt, bituminous felt and uPVC roof membranes
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Non corrosive
  • Can drain a roof area of up to 515m2 at 10.72 Liters/sec